Slacking NeverWinter attendence

Posted on Friday 06 September 2013 - 21:36:49  by night   printer friendly 

We have all noticed the lacking NeverWinter game roster as of late. Whether it is from people hitting end-game and quitting or people losing interest in general, it is an obvious issue. After investing so much time and money into a the game, there are many of us that want to keep playing it for a longer period. However, there are those that only see the game as an "arcade style" MMO and do not want a long term commitment. Still, in the end, despite the reasons, our roster in the game has fallen to about 10 active players.

Anyone that plays that and other things with the clan, I would urge you to let us know if you have dropped the game permanently or not. Further, those of us still playing, we need to try and adhere to some type of schedule and actually see each other online.

As for other games, the clan staples are still in effect: CoD: BO2 and Blacklight: Retribution (Yes, it is a clan game -- do not argue)

May Houndimus be with you.

[Submitted by night]

DanceWave contest

Posted on Friday 26 July 2013 - 18:23:33  by night   printer friendly 

We are currently running a contest in Neverwinter that gives you the opportunity to win 1000 zen AND look like a bad-ass while doing it.

Take a screenshot of your character doing the Dancewave emote somewhere in world of Neverwinter!

Just find a spot you like for a background to your character, then type in /emote dancewave and hit enter. Take a screen shot and submit it to this thread. While you are here, you can cast your vote for the best screen shot, or you can come back after Aug 1st when the contest ends to make sure you see every submission before decided who's is best.

Guild members who submit a screenshot will receive an in-game guild promotion! The member whose screen shot receives the most votes will also win 1000 Zen!
Contest Rules:
- Editing screenshots is not allowed
- 2 submissions per guild member or in-game handle
- When submitting a screenshot, include your in-game handle
- You may not vote for your own submission
- When voting, state your in-game handle (soandso@extortion) and the forum name of the one you are voting for
- Submissions after Aug 1st do not count
- The votes will be counted and a winner declared by the end of the weekend
- Guild rank promotions resulting from this contest cannot exceed Enforcer (Rank 3)
[Submitted by night]

Click HERE for the official thread!

Returned players, new and old games, and fun times

Posted on Monday 27 May 2013 - 20:12:22  by night   printer friendly 

Good news, bad news, and sexy news: Starting with the sexy news, it seems that Goblin is back, at least for a time, and we are more than fucking happy to see him! Welcome back Goblin, we hope you "have the right setup" this time around and keep active for years, or centuries, to come ^^!

Moving onto the bad news, we are sorry to inform you all, specifically KneeMongler, that ponies are not real and, in fact, have always been cartoons. The closest you are going to get is a bucket, some purple hair dye, and a ranch with white, deformed, ponies.

Finally, the good news: lately, we have been shifting around through some new games to test their potential, but have, again, fallen onto old standby games. In the shooter category, we are still playing Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty as our shooters. Some players also focus on UT2004, for good measure. WE have about 10 members still keeping this these games going for the clan. For MMOs, we are still going fairly strong in Rappelz, as far as out MMO players are concerned, and branching to a limited degree into Neverwinter and Path of Exile.

As for members, there are no new recruits this month, and recruits from previous months that have been inactive have exceeded their trial period and been removed from the roster. These members include: MysteryMan, Bohometh, LuiskS, and GrayWolf.

Recruits making the cut are, in a nutshell, SlackerJohn. Yeah... That's right... Slacker is now a member... We can no longer randomly kick him from mumble... without a witty kick message!

Congratulations, Slacker!

[Submitted by night]

We are bound to shoot things

Posted on Sunday 19 August 2012 - 14:43:24  by night   printer friendly 

After a brief foray into the land of milk and cash-shops, we determined that we really do not have the time, or the money, to play casual (money-farm) browser games. We all but dropped CNCTA after we learned that mid level and higher play not only encouraged, but indeed seemed to require significant amounts of time, which we were willing to give, and money, which we were not. Players that did not pay were left far behind players that did. Such an imbalance, where your wallet size matters more than any other aspect of your play-style or character, ruined the game for us, and we dropped it.

Through all of this, we have stayed strong with Blacklight: Retribution. The game is balanced. Further, as it relies on team prowess as opposed to team wallet size, we find ourselves drawn to it. While the game's cash shop is there, and does support the game, it does not introduce an imbalance into the game; most items are vanity items. Blacklight: Retribution is a solid shooter, and we have to mention, therein our loyalty lies.

We like shooters. Shoot us. No, really, get in game and do it… We will like it. The browser games were fun, but many seem geared towards $_$ people; where paying to win is a viable option.

Therefore, Blacklight is now one of the main clan games. It has been a backbone and reliable game for us for far too many months to list it as a “game we sometimes play.” Our official game-list now consists of Battlefield 3 and Blacklight: Retribution. While we play other games, and play them often, these are the pillars of what we are now-a-days.

CNCTA, Offensive Combat, Blacklight, and Attendance

Posted on Saturday 14 July 2012 - 01:09:54  by night   printer friendly 

A new game is out that is taking the clan by storm. While we really still like Blacklight and CNCTA, we recommend you give this one a try. IT is called Offensive Combat, and it is damned interesting!

While I cannot say too much, as I did sign a NDA, I can say that the game is a cross between the good parts of Call of Duty and the older Unreal and Quake style games. The map layout is good so far, and the registration feels "right". Our largest game critic, ChickenMan, has given it his squak of approval by actually being able to play it for an entire night, which is unprecedented!

For those of you dreading downloading and installing another game, this one is, surprisingly enough, a BROWSER GAME! You play it inside of your browser, and the install process is almost non-existent.

In other news, WE are doing very well in CNCTA, ranking 3rd the last time I checked. In relation to the game, we are considering an on website roll call to further weed out active alliance participants from log on leechers. We have found a few people that were only logging on to avoid the weekly idle checks, so we will have to take greater measures. The idea of a weekly roll call was considered before for the website, but not implemented. After talking with MorbX from the BigBadAlliance, who is an advocate of this process, we are considering it heavily.

Finally, there were a number of updates that make Blacklight a MUCH more stable and playable game. For those that were previously reluctant to try it, it is now a much easier install and update process with Steam. The community is now much larger, even verging on too large, but in terms of game-play it is improved.

Games, Website, and Updates

Posted on Sunday 01 July 2012 - 03:45:21  by night   printer friendly 

Members of eXtortion have always played a wide range of games. However, now-a-days, you can find the majority of the members in one of a few games.

First, we play shooters. In this genre we are currently focusing on two games; Battlefield 3 and Blacklight: Retribution. These are both interesting games that many clan members play in one function or another. And, while this is a slight change from our previous preferences, which focused on the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare 3 was a no-go for everyone; Call of Duty elite killed the idea for everyone.

After shooters, we play a number of casual games. Currently, we are playing Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances, a fun browser based game that is like Risk, Checkers, and Farmville mixed into one.

Yes, members still play a myriad of games, but the above ones are really what the core majority plays currently and where the immediate future leads. I am sure something will come along in time that shakes things up. Perhaps Black-Ops 2? Perhaps competitive Monopoly? Time will tell.

Past this, we are still making adjustments to the website where needed. While the old one, especially the old forums, will be missed, this one is becoming home fast enough. We will be back to (no less than) four count to one hundred trillion threads in no time...

Old members will note that recruitment has slowed to a crawl in light of the recent shifts. While we have had website and game changes in the past 8 years, they usually do not happen at the same time.

Welcome Back!

Posted on Tuesday 19 June 2012 - 10:21:55  by night   printer friendly 

Welcome Back Website!!
This is our remade website using our older domain name. As some of you may have noted, our old website randomly dissapeared. The host unexpectedly died without a so much as a hint; lost the database and all files

Yes, this does mean that I got the last word in the last word thread. I officially won the un-winnable game! And yes, there were some backups, but they were old and it was time for a reboot anyway. (And by this time I was happy to know that I won the game)

If are an old member, you know what to do. If you are a new member, the rules revolve around "have fun; be nice". If you want to actually join the clan, you must submit an application here.

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